Here are some tutorials to help you get started with Carbon. They were created by a very experienced CFX artist, Nate Yellig,
who has used Carbon pretty much continuously over the last 5 years at DreamWorks Animation and Animal Logic.

These videos were created with Carbon 8.6.4. If you are using Carbon 9.x.x they are still 100% relevant, just be aware there were some parameter name changes from Carbon 9.0.0 onwards.

In particular related to these videos;

  • Segment > Stretch
  • Face > Surface
  • Fatness (in cloth parameters) > Outer fatness
  • Drag > Form Drag.






Click here to download the .hip file for the "Avatar Walk" tutorial


Click here to download the .hip file for the "Challenging Avatar Walk" tutorial


Now take a look at the next set of video tutorials - 

Set 2 -Importing garments from Marvelous designer and setting up pockets and buttons


Any questions about these videos please email


last updated 8th August 2018 for Carbon 9.0.0