Case Studies

Burberry / Nova

In 2015, Burberry partnered with Nova (from DreamWorks Animation) to "create the first interactive luxury marketing campaign using new 3D technology". One of their first projects was an interactive cloth simulation for scarfs, exposed at the big screens at Piccadilly Circus in the heart of London. Read more here.

Nova relies on Carbon Cloth for cloth simulations as it reliably produces high-quality, stable and fast simulations. Besides providing software, Numerion worked closely with the Nova team to tune simulation parameters and develop new technology to accommodate an ever growing need for art direction.

Interactive cloth simulation at Piccadilly Circus in London.


Change Of Paradigm

In cooperation with Change of Paradigm, garments designed by and for the fashion industry can be simulated realistically before a single piece of fabric has to be cut. This approach does not only save time and money but takes zero-prototyping to a whole new level.

Boudicca dress simulated with Carbon Cloth.


Passion Pictures

When Passion Pictures could not achieve what they wanted from their existing cloth solution, they turned to Carbon Cloth to help deliver the NIKE 'THE LAST GAME'.

Carbon Cloth in  NIKE 'THE LAST GAME'


And again for their "Interview with Mr Arnold - Compare the Market" advert; about which Jamie from Passion Pictures says "I think we owe you and your team a massive thank you and congratulations for creating such a fast and most of all 'reliable' product. Without Carbon I would have seriously struggled to reach an acceptable level in such a short space of time."


Carbon Cloth in "Interview with Mr Arnold - Compare the Market"



DreamWorks Animation

When DreamWorks Animation was looking for a new solution to replace their existing Cloth simulation, after extensive internal and market testing they selected Carbon Cloth and first tested it in production on "How to Train Your Dragon 2" where it passed with flying colors.

Carbon Cloth was benchmarked by DreamWorks (see Siggraph Talk) as being up to 60x faster than the competition for Hero Cloth simulation. 

Nate Yellig (DreamWorks) shares his experience with Carbon in a Siggraph 2014 talk. You can download the talk abstract here Download Here.

DreamWorks continue to use Carbon as their main Cloth tool for garment simulation and many other applications. Examples include some of their other recent movies; Panda's have fat arms and Carbon was used in "Kung Fu Panda 3" for pinch management between the arms and the body.


Penguins don't wear much in terms of clothing, but still "Penguins of Madagascar" needed a diving suit, simulated with Carbon of course.