When DreamWorks Animation was looking for a new solution to replace their existing Cloth simulation, after extensive internal and market testing they selected Carbon Cloth and first tested it in production on "How to Train Your Dragon 2" where it passed with flying colors.

Carbon Cloth was benchmarked by DreamWorks (see Siggraph Talk) as being up to 60x faster than the competition for Hero Cloth simulation. 

Nate Yellig (DreamWorks) shares his experience with Carbon in a Siggraph 2014 talk.

DreamWorks continue to use Carbon as their main Cloth tool for garment simulation and many other applications. Examples include some of their other recent movies; Panda's have fat arms and Carbon was used in "Kung Fu Panda 3" for pinch management between the arms and the body.

Penguins don't wear much in terms of clothing, but still "Penguins of Madagascar" needed a diving suit, simulated with Carbon of course.