2nd April 2015 - The next release of Carbon will include these cool features developed under our "Feasibility of real-time, high quality, simulation of real fabrics, in the Cloud" project. We developed these exciting technologies that support a smoother more fashion accurate work flow for fashion centric garment simulation. They include;

1) Tailored cloth model - the most sophisticated cloth model that Carbon has to offer and with the ability to define warp and weft directions, it supports features such as Anisotropy. It is recommended to always choose this model for garments that are created from flat panels.

2) Anisotropic properties - the introduction of the Tailored cloth model allows us to use the warp and weft directions to define anisotropic properties for the fabric.

3) Designed Garment import - the technology to import garments from virtual garment design tools and extract the original flat fabric panels alongside the pre-draped garment. This creates the ability to apply the correct pre-draped metrics for each individual panel.  In combination with the new Tailored cloth model, we not only guarantee the preservation of metrics, but also enable users to simulate anisotropic fabrics.

One of the most important advantages of Carbon over other cloth simulations is that we enforce Lagrangian limits and do not stretch garments indefinitely. This is invaluable for designers as they can now predict if a garment would fit an actual human being or not and if there are any problems during typical movements like a catwalk.