Here are some tutorials to help you get started with Carbon. They were created by a very experienced CFX artist, Nate Yellig,
who has used Carbon pretty much continuously over the last 5 years at Dreamworks Animation and Animal Logic.

These videos were created with Carbon 8.6.4. If you are using Carbon 9.x.x they are still 100% relevant, just be aware there were some parameter name changes from Carbon 9.0.0 onwards.
In particular related to these videos;
  • Segment > Stretch
  • Face > Surface
  • Fatness (in cloth parameters) > Outer fatness
  • Drag > Form Drag.




    You click here to download the .hip file for the "Avatar Walk" tutorial


    You click here to download the .hip file for the "Challenging Avatar Walk" tutorial



    Any questions about these videos please email


    last updated 8th August 2018 for Carbon 9.0.0