Per default, Carbon Cloth passes through our proprietary collision algorithm with full collision enabled, i.e. point, edge and face collision against itself and other objects.

In April 2021, we introduced the edge collision mode for Carbon Cloth, which allows users to utilize Carbon Cloth for objects like ropes, nets, hair, fur, grass, etc.

Making this a feature of Carbon Cloth, and not a seperate node comes with many advantages:

  • While the Cloth only collides with edges only in this mode, you still have the underlying triangle/quad structure with bend and surface constraints, i.e. you can control the bending of the strands.
  • No need for an extra node allowing for easy switching between Edge and Face collision.
  • Same familiar interface and Cloth features make it easy to use.
  • Full support of all constraints (Binding, Welding, etc.).

Please check out the playlist below from our Youtube channel.

Note that while some of these videos were taken in Maya and some in Houdini, the same features and examples are available in both plugins.