Available in Carbon For Maya and Carbon For Houdini


Simulation and Render meshes

Studios are using garment design programs such as Marvelous Designer / CLO 3D etc., in their workflow and want to import those panel garments into their CFX pipeline
while fashion studios want to bring the those garments into the Metaverse.

The Carbon Garment Workflows provide a very efficient workflow to bring both simulation AND render meshes from the Garment Design Package into the CFX Pipeline.
This creates an easy, fast, low cost path for creating close to final garment simulation and rendering for episodic TV content, and also for pre-viz of Hero Characters in larger productions and garments into the Metaverse.

The Carbon Garment Workflows also provides a prep pipeline for garments heading for VTO simulation and rendering in the cloud.

Panel garment simulation AND render mesh in CFX pipeline in 30 mins with Carbon Garment Workflows.

There are example Carbon Garment Workflows with tutorials for welded mesh garments and there are Carbon Garment Processor nodes for panel garments.

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Here are some videos explaining a Carbon Garment Workflow for welded garments
They were recorded in Houdini but are very similar in Maya


Here are some videos explaining the Carbon Garment Processor in action.
They were recorded in Maya but are very similar in Houdini



Garment Processor Workflow

After 12 months of internal development and external beta tests, we released this new workflow in 2021.

The Carbon Garment Processor is a fast and user-friendly all-in-one workflow that empowers you to take paneled garments from the design tool of your choice into Carbon For Houdini and Maya in record time.

The Garment Processor node will guide you through all necessary steps to ensure a smooth and robust setup.

Seamlessly integrated: Our newly developed Carbon Mesh Deformer automatically takes the thin simulated meshes and deforms thick render panels accordingly.

Creating our own Mesh Deformer was a crucial part of the development process to not only ensure that we get the best performance and quality possible, but also to know our output is deterministic on whatever platform you run Carbon on.

And afterall, creating fast and robust technology is what we are all about.


FAQ - Carbon Garment Processor

The Garment Processor comes within the Carbon For Maya and Carbon For Houdini plugins.

The Carbon Garment Processor is included with the standard license for Carbon For Maya and Carbon For Houdini.
There is no additional license cost.

For the latest prices of our plugins, please see here: Carbon Licenses for Maya and Houdini

There are no limitations, all the usual Carbon art direction functionality is available.


Once you start simulating a welded mesh of a garment with any sort of structure, like a suite jacket, it rapidly loses believablility.

Yes you can and there are a few interesting options as to what you can do once imported.
If you wish to know more about this please email us hello@numerion-software.com

The standard Maya and Houdini deformers are not designed for simulation > render mesh deformation.
Also we wanted a solution that was highly optimised (fast) and platform independent.


Yes, please refer to this playlist in our Youtube channel: Carbon Garment Processor

By default, licenses are machine locked. If you are a major studio and require floating evaluation licenses then please make that request via the evaluation sign up form or email evaluation@numerion-software.com

Your evaluation license will work with Maya 2019, 2020, 2021, and all production builds of Houdini 18.5 and 19.0.

14 days but can be longer for bigger studios on request.


Tested on Windows 10, 11, and Linux. We expect it to work on Windows 8.1 & 7 (SP1) as well.
If you are interested in a version for OSX then please register your interest through the evaluation signup buttons on this page.

For the latest prices of our plugins, please see here: Carbon Licenses for Maya and Houdini

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