As more and more companies move to designing products digitally, using CAD software as a de facto standard in their workflows, this opens up new opportunities to improve the design process even further.

Using physics simulation to automatically verify feasibility and fit of the design comes with a variety of benefits which all lead to a reduction in cost:

  • Faster iteration speed
  • Early feedback
  • Reduction of waste due to reduction in number of physical prototypes required
  • Partial deskilling of the process


Example: Workwear

When designing products such as uniforms or pants, it is crucial to ensure that the final product is suited for all ranges of motion. Imagine simulating workwear trousers on a variety of body shapes for a number of typical use cases, such as going up stairs or a ladder.

Carbon can realistically highlight areas of concern with a heatmap, or even demonstrate that a design is unsuited. All before even a single physical prototype has to be created.


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Carbon’s c++ libraries are easy to integrate and have a proven track record of delivering highest quality simulation results in serious applications.

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