If you are planning on going Meta, Carbon can be an integral part of your product / pipeline.

We already have several customers using Carbon for their Metaverse products.

There are two main areas of application of Carbon in the Metaverse:


Asset Preparation

Life in the Metaverse would be quite boring if it wasn’t for colourful and exciting outfits and costumes.

One of the biggest start-up and running costs when it comes to virtual characters and digi-doubles is asset generation.

Imagine hundreds of outfits, each in several sizes, prepared for hundreds of characters.

Carbon’s versatility, speed, reliability and accurate collision, paired with our proprietary Garment Processor workflow, is the perfect tool to create your custom automatized garment pipeline.


Example: https://spree3d.com/ 


If you are interested in setting up your custom Asset preparation pipeline, please contact


Simulation in the Cloud

Running Carbon in the Cloud can be an essential key component to your product.

It decouples users from the need for dedicated hardware and allows you to reach a wider customer base.

A very popular application of Carbon in the Cloud is virtual try on.

Based on the choices a user makes, a request is sent to dedicated servers which run the simulation and return the results as screenshots, or even as full geometry if that is what you require.


If you are interested in a custom Carbon in the Cloud product, please contact