The Carbon C++ libraries are being used in custom applications, such as CAD and Serious games often with Carbon driven haptics.

Carbon C++ libraries consist of two main libraries, the Carbon Core dynamics library and the Carbon Tool library. The Carbon Core library works with very low level primitives and for example it does not know what a Cloth is. Using the Carbon Core library you have access to the full flexibility of Carbon and for example, you can define your own cloth models. The Carbon Tool library works with assets such as cloth, rigid etc. and is the library that Numerion builds the Carbon for Maya and Houdini Plug-ins with. This library is what you would use to integrate Carbon into another CAD program or similar.

Carbon C++ libraries come with full API documentation and examples.

They are available for Windows (vc141, vc142) and Linux (gcc6.3, gcc9.3).

You can rest assured that these libraries have been battle tested, as we use exactly the same ones internally for our Maya, Houdini, and Unreal plugins.

The Carbon C++ libraries are available for special projects on request.

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Customer Example: Generic Robotics

Please check out the amazing Generic Robotics Youtube Channel.

They have themselves integrated the Carbon C++ Libraries into UE5 and are creating amazing applications with Carbon powered haptic feedback.