We are very excited by the increasingly wider adoption of virtual garment design and simulation in small and major fashion houses and we strongly believe that the market for virtual fashion will continue to increase rapidly.

Carbon is the ultimate physics engine for virtual fashion: fast, versatile, reliable, and future-proof.

Between Carbon's speed and ever increasing compute power availability, we are now at a tipping point where virtual try-on using physics is in the realm of possibilities.

Using Carbon in Unreal Engine 5 (UE5), we have developed a virtual try-on (VTO) prototype that runs in the cloud.

Special thanks to support from UKRI and Innovate UK for this VTO prototype development.


Simulation in the Cloud

Running Carbon in the Cloud can be an essential key component to your product.

It decouples users from the need for dedicated hardware and allows you to reach a wider customer base.

A very popular application of Carbon in the Cloud is virtual try on.

Based on the choices a user makes, a request is sent to dedicated servers which run the simulation and return the results as screenshots, or even as full geometry if that is what you require.

Following creation of the prototype, we are now engaged with commercial and non-commercial clients to scale out this capability for various application.


If you are interested in a custom Carbon in the Cloud solution, please contact